Can You Use Dog Clippers On Human Hair? [With Pros & Cons]

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We have to use dog clippers because of some reason. Especially during the quarantine period, most people had this issue. So today, I’m gonna evaluate how to react to this matter.

Well, here is the short answer.

Although dog clippers can be used on human hair, it’s not appropriate for human hair because this will mess up the hairstyle the person wants. Also, dog cutters don’t have powerful motors compared to human cutters, are harder to cut, and have higher speeds. But, they produce less noise & vibration.

Although you can use dog clippers on humans, there are some hindrances to concern. So what are they? I am going to let them out and what you have to do is keep reading this article.

Can dog clippers be used on human hair?

What makes you do this? It can be your curiosity and also it can save time and money.

Like I said before, most people tried to do this during the quarantine period. My father also did this. That’s why I suggest you do it.

But keep in mind there are some things to consider. Although you can use dog clippers on humans, you cannot do it without safety.

Please note down this point before you do this. Make yourself your priority. Ok, ok, I am not going to scare you anymore, so let’s talk about other aspects you should know about this simple matter without further delay.

Because the above details are not enough at all to make a decision, you have to become smarter. Therefore follow my leads.

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What are the differences between dog clippers vs. human clippers?

If you’re really interested in understanding the difference between dog clippers vs. human clippers, you have come to the right place.

When you are studying this subject, your curiosity will exactly go through this point. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. I am talking too much, lol; let’s discuss the above aspects.

What is the difference between dog clippers vs. human clippers?

Dog clippers.

These clippers are made according to the dog’s coat. If you don’t have an interpretation, I’ll explain. When we talk about the dogs’ coats, there are various coats we can see as examples:- long coat, smooth coat, heavy coat, double coat, etc.

When people make clippers, they consider the two coats mainly. They are double coats and single coats. Those two are priorities when people make clippers for dogs.

And also, the blade of the clipper is very essential here. Let’s see why that is.

We can divide it into two categories according to the type of blade. They are fine- tooth blades and skip-tooth blades. Why are they so important?

1. Skip- tooth blade:-

This one is good for double-coated dogs because this blade has long teeth, and they help prevent your dog from hurtful pulling otherwise painful rubbing.

The skip-tooth blade has gaps between the teeth. This blade is less harmful and more comfortable for your dog. If your dog has a thick double coat, this blade is for him/her.

This blade has been marked using numbers, and other blades have been marked using both numbers and English letters. So you can easily recognize them.

2. Fine – tooth blade:-

When we move towards fine-tooth blades, they are marked using both English letters and numbers. So you will be able to identify which one is the fine-tooth blade and which one is the other one.

Look carefully; the fine-tooth blade has gaps between teeth, and also the gap is less than the skip-tooth blade. So these types of blades are not suitable for thick-coated dogs. When you buy a clipper for your dog, please, consider it.

Now you have a good understanding of this subject, that’s why I rationalized the above things. As a result, now you can speculate this topic wider. So let’s come back to the major point.

So next, I am going to discuss the differences between human clippers and dog clippers. This will be a  very curious comparison.

When we discuss dog clippers,

1. They don’t have powerful motors: Yes, it has very quiet and soft motors because dogs can be scared of noises and strong vibrations. So it is good to have a soft and quiet motor to tackle your dog during grooming.

2. They are not close to the skin: We cannot judge a dog; your dog can be nervous and excited anytime. As a result, your furry friend can run away from you. If the clippers are not too close to the skin, your dog will not be nervous and harmful. Using this kind of blade can prevent your dog from getting harmed.

3. Speed: Dogs are not like us. They cannot understand what is happening around him/her. So if you want to calm down your dog during grooming, you have to buy speedy clippers because you cannot hold your dog for a long time. And also, you can use low-speed clippers when you groom your dog’s face as well

4. Blade:  I have mentioned the two types of blades you can use when grooming your dog. I shouldn’t wanna repeat it because you already know about blades.

5. Cord type: You can buy two types of cords. They are cord and cordless. So which one is good for your dog and why should we choose it? My personal opinion is it’s better to choose a  cordless clipper because it has comfortable movement and it helps your dog to keep his/her mental and physical stimulation. Most of the dogs are not familiar with the trimming process. So if you can choose a cordless clipper, it will be good for your dog.

Human clippers.

1. Made for short-length hair: Human clippers are made for shorter-length hair, and it takes a short period to finish the work.

2. Powerful mother: And also it has a powerful motor. On the other hand, clippers are cored. It helps to save your time as well as your hairstyle.

3. Heat: The motor of the human clipper is heated up quickly because it has a strong motor. I hope you have experienced that.

4. Cutting: These kinds of clippers can cut closer to the skin. Although it’s good for humans, they aren’t good for dogs.

5. Vibration: Human clippers have a stronger vibration system than dog clippers. When the clipper is working, a sound comes through the clipper. These vibrations and sounds are uncomfortable with dogs, but it’s ok to use them for humans.

So those are the differences between dog clippers and human clippers. Now you have a brief idea of how far you can agree with the above title.

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Advantages of using dog clippers on human hair.

Less noise: If you are fed up with the sound when you groom your hair, this is a very important thing. Dogs’ clippers do not make any noise when it works.

Safer: Those are kind of safer than human clippers. Because it’s not close to the skin, you can save your skin if you are a restless man.

Fast: You can save valuable time because these clippers work very fast.

Travel-friendly: Are you looking for a travel-friendly clipper? Is it true, you have come to the right place. Dogs’ clippers are easy to tackle and also travel-friendly.

When changing blades: It is not a bad investment. So you shouldn’t worry about that. When you want to change the blade of the clipper, you can do it easily because it is multiple.

Disadvantages of using dog clippers on human hair?

Can be damaged easily: You should keep an eye on the clipper unless it is not able to be repaired again. You have to check the blade of the clipper, oil, etc… don’t leave it without good safety. It can be damaged easily.

Skin can be damaged: When you use dogs’ clippers, you have to use the right blades unless your hair will mess up, and also your skin can be damaged.

Uncomfortableness: You cannot use it until you are comfortable with it.

Actually, we know dog clippers are made for dogs, not humans. Although we have to use it by chance or suddenly, you should know what the priority is. So you can do this temporarily, not permanently.

Things to be aware of.

Use the right blade and clippers: You have to use the right blades and the right clippers for you unless you have to face odd things.

The quality: When you use a dog’s clippers, be careful with the product quality as well. You know,  some people make this thing without a good quality. It is your responsibility to choose a branded and protective product for you and your dog.

Replacing duration: You have to change your blade for at least three to six months, and also you have to clean it very well because it can affect your health. Dirty blades can take you down.

Purpose of the clipper: It is different according to the length of the hair. Most probably, dog clippers are made for short hair. And also, blade gap and size are different from human clippers. So keep in touch with it.

Cleaning: To wash your blade of the clipper, you can use alcohol before you wash it; you have to wipe the blade properly.

Check the numbers: The blade has been marked using numbers and the length you can cut using it. So when you buy a clipper, consider the blade number and length of your hair as well.

Power of toleration: Humans’ clippers heat for a short period, but when you use dogs’ clippers, it takes a long time to heat because humans don’t have a large area to trim. But you have to groom your dog’s whole body. That’s why it takes a long time to heat. It has the power of tolerating more than human clippers.


This title is kind of a deep one. So, according to the title I have mentioned, the consequences of using dog clippers, differences between humans and dogs clippers, and finally, the advantages and disadvantages of using clippers on human hair. So this is a huge discussion, and finally, we could get a clear idea about this title. So I hope you will get a good idea about today’s topic.


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