How To Pet Your Puppy Without Getting Bitten? [Do These 5]

Cuddling puppies at least once in a while is one of the best privileges we’ve received as dog parents, isn’t it? When you are cuddling your dog, your dog could give you a love bite or may even be an aggressive bite.

Dogs might bite us when he feels happy, afraid, loved, and in pain. Sometimes they bite us when they are hungry. Positive reinforcement, exercises, good sleep, and training can keep your puppy from biting you while you are petting him. Make sure you don’t punish them when they are biting you.

Not going to make you get lost in the woods. This article will tell you why your puppy is biting you when you pet him, how to pet your puppy without his teeth marks, and much more!

Why does your puppy bite you when you pet him?

Puppies’ teeth could sometimes be just like razor blades for us. So, here are a few points for him to use his razor balded teeth on you when you try to pet him!

1. “It’s teething time for me!”

Puppies are blessed to have teeth at an early age of 2 weeks old! When your puppy is 3 to 4 months old, the milk teeth will fall off as they have to provide the required space for their 42 adult teeth.

Puppy teething is an uncomfortable process for these pooches. Therefore, they will try different ways to release that painful stress, which may even include your pooch nibbling out things that he should not, just like biting your skin off!

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2. “It’s my playtime.”

As I’ve mentioned, puppies are quite blessed with tiny yet razor-like sharp teeth, and they often don’t realize that their teeth are sharp to be used on their owner’s skin!

So, in this case, when you pat his head, he might try to take a bite off you as a part of the play and show his affection, which might cause a trouble bubble! It’s not that they hate you at this point, but they are just showing affection towards you!

3. “I’m over the moon, mama.”

Did you buy your puppy one of his favorites, or did you praise him after a while of not giving him attention? Who doesn’t get excited over new things and a bit of praise?

Even your toddler would, wouldn’t he? Moreover, stroking and patting your puppy’s head would increase the stimulation of endorphins, releasing the puppy’s stress and pain.

It implies that over-excitement can be an indirect sign of stress relief. The hormone oxytocin is released, optimistically stimulating the happiness and trust level.

As you can observe, these hormones and the relief of stress at that moment will make your puppy over the moon and over-excited, leading him to bite off your skin as a reaction to this stimulation.

4. “I’m exhausted. I feel drowsy.”

Just as human beings, our puppies might get exhausted too. Usually, puppies need a night of sleep for about 18-20 hours to feel energetic and not drowsy.

As we know, puppies are quite playful and love tackling you and being around you while you stroke their fur.

Yet, by any chance, if you did not or don’t let him have a continuous sleep or maybe if you have interrupted his sleep, he might feel restless and come at you!

At this moment, he would feel grumpy and would not even like him touching you! He would just nip off every person who comes to touch him at this moment cause he is just as irritated as a human who didn’t get a well-deserved goodnight sleep!

5. “Do I have to do it again, oh gosh?”

Jump off this, run, sit, and the list goes on for a puppy. Numerous things to learn, and lacking energy and space in his little head could make him frustrated and overwhelmed at the same time.

They know they got to learn the commands on their own, but just like toddlers, our puppies might not like it always and forever!

Suppose you are training him continuously while also petting him, yet, without a small break in the middle once he is frustrated.

In that case, he might try to draw your attention in any way he could, and one part of his tactics would be biting or nipping off your skin.!

6. “I am afraid, mama.”

Did you adopt your puppy from somewhere he was verbally abused or physically tortured? In this case, even if the new dog parent is giving all their love to the puppy, he might have been traumatized from the previous instances.

Therefore, as a defense mechanism, he might try to strangle you even if you are petting him cause he is just too afraid! A poor one is trying to figure out love!

7. “I’m in pain; please help me.”

Last but not least, sometimes, it’s not the things we see outside that is always the truth. Your puppy might be struggling with stress or some kind of physical pain within him.

At this moment, he would try to make it noticeable through various unusual behaviors, such as staying alone, drooling, barking, over-eating, not eating at all, excessive urination, and so on. So even biting you and nibbling you while petting him might be a part of it.

How to prevent your puppy from biting when you pet him?

Just knowing why your puppy is biting you might not be enough. Therefore, let’s get into how to keep your puppy from biting when petting him.!

1. Exercise, exercise, exercise.

Our puppies’ mental and physical stimulations are vital to keeping them healthier. When our puppies lack exercise, it will make them drowsy and exhausted, tiring throughout the days. As was mentioned previously, it will cause nibbling or biting you.

As for a fact, your growing pupping five minutes of exercise for every month of their age once or twice a day. For example, if your puppy is 5 months, he can engage in exercises for 25 minutes a day.

Moreover, these exercises could be much more than jumping off blocks. It could even be fetching, tug of war so that he becomes more physically active, and zig-zag running training to stimulate the brain’s mental activity.

2. Train, train, train.

Sometimes good training is all a pup might need. As we know, pups are usually playful and might do whatever pops up in their teeny tiny brain.

Moving on, if they want to have play time with you, he might nib you off, and now, you have to make this time a golden time to teach your puppy a lesson!

Make sure that he will get to know that he will receive the treat only when he does his training without nibbling you off.

In this way, your adorable puppy will make sure not to nib and bite you within the time period.

Simply, this is the method of positive reinforcement!

3. “Do Not Move Your Hand.”

Yes, you read it right! Out puppies are so in love with movable objects! Even a hand jerk is enough for them to make them think you are in for a play after he nibs your hand!

In this case, you might be unknowingly making him continue biting or nibbling your skin while you are petting him.

At this moment, try to act as if your hand is so badly hurt and stiffed in a way that you can’t move. You might be deceiving your puppy a bit, yet it would stop you from getting it or any other person who tries to pet him getting bit for once and for all.

4. “A good sleep.”

A night of good sleep is indeed necessary, even for your puppy. So, as a dog parent, ensure you provide him space for a good sleep.

It’s not just the time required for a good sleep, but provide him with soft bedding and not too hard bedding to nap, make sure he won’t get the itchy feeling, and consider factors such as location and timing as well.

5. “Needs a check-up.”

If you feel your puppy has behavioral changes. If he is not having his food, not eating, being alone, growling, biting, or nibbling while you petting him, immediately consult a veterinarian. He might be in so much pain, and we might never know why if not.

What to say when a puppy bites you?

With immediate effect, you can try out the simple words that will spit off from our mouths when we are in pain! The word “ouch,” let him know that word you use as you are in pain! And make sure you give him something to chew as well.

Moreover, try not to jerk your hand off, as I mentioned before, since that may be a signal for them that you are trying to play with him.

At what age does a puppy stop biting?

Your puppy should stop nibbling or biting you off between the age of three and five months; sometimes, it can go up to 7 months rarely. The habit of biting or nibbling wears off after this period.

Things to be aware of.

Make sure you don’t punish and slap words off his face cause it will do nothing good for your poor puppy. Make sure to try it with positive reinforcement and praise so that he would eventually be able to get rid of biting and nipping you off while petting him. So that he would not get traumatized.


In conclusion, as a dog parent, I hope you were able to enhance your knowledge of why your puppy is biting when you pet him, how to get rid of it, and much more.

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