Why Do Dogs Not Urinate On Road Trips? [9 Reasons + 5 Tips]

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I have a labrador buddy who doesn’t pee on road trips. This issue has become a severe problem, and I did some research on my puppy, so I’m gonna express all the details I found.

By the way, here is the quick answer.

Some dogs don’t pee on road trips due to alienation, confusion, fatigue, physics issues, mental issues, shyness, fear, leash problems, or rine problems. This can be solved by providing enough water, training to a potty command, finding doggy areas, or consulting a veterinarian for health issues.

Considering all the above issues, you can briefly understand why your dog doesn’t pee on road trips. So is that all? There are more to consider because this is a wide subject.

Why does your dog not pee on road trips?

Are you afraid of seeing your dog in this way? Yes, we all do. Refusing to do their private business during road trips is a huge problem.

I was also stressed out from thinking about this serious matter. Experience makes us more mature. So that’s why you should follow my guide. 

I have more experience, and I can say exactly what happened to your dog. Let’s move to the point.

Your dog won’t pee on road trips because of various reasons. Like I said before, we don’t wanna see our dog like that.

The whole trip will become a mess if your dog is not in a good mood. So why do they react like this? Let’s discuss the reasons one by one.

1. Alienation

Everyone has their comfort zone. It is a common thing, and dogs have a comfort zone on their own too. 

Some dogs hold on to it until they arrive at a familiar area. It would really help if you did not worry about that because it is an extremely ordinary thing.

Some dogs don’t pee at all until they return home. As soon as they return, they do their business. Some dogs like to pee in private.

So you see, this is about their self problem. Sometimes we can do nothing about it. This problem might be solved if you can make your dog comfortable during road trips.

2. Confusion

Is your dog new to road trips? Although some dogs enjoy themselves during their road trips, they are not interested in going on road trips with another set of dogs.

During road trips, your little pooch can be confused because of the new atmosphere, weather, background, etc.… As a result, they won’t pee on during road trips.

Especially if your dog is new to road trips, this thing can happen continuously. You should not wonder why they won’t pee on the road trips because everything will be fine in time to come.

Trust me, I’ll tell you how to overcome this issue.

3. fatigue

Although we have our own vehicle, we become so tired after a long road trip. Your dog cannot tolerate like you; they become tired very quickly.

Not only that but also when they feel hungry, thirsty, or else sleepy, they become so lazy and fatigued. They refuse to pee on the road trip at a time like that.

That’s also a very normal thing, but you must make a comfortable area for your dog if you carry him on road trips with you.

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4. Physics issues

If you take your furry friend on road trips with you, you should consider his/her physical health too. If your dog isn’t healthy enough to go on a road trip, you should not do it.

When dogs have some physical issues such as neuronic problems bladder diseases, they won’t pee on road trips.

Before you decide to take him/her on a road trip, you should visit his/her vet and check his/her physical health.

5. Mental issues

If you carry your dog on road trips, you should consider his/her mental health as well as physical health. Considering a dog’s mental health is very important as well as physical health.

Dogs have some kind of mental issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, and such. When they are suffering from the above diseases, they are not ok with road trips.

Specifically, they refuse to do their potty during the road trips. So check whether your dog suffers from mental issues or not before he/she takes on a road trip with you.

6. Shyness

Potty shyness is a very popular problem among dogs. Although this is not a big issue, you hafta find a solution unless it becomes so embarrassing.

Not for the majority; a minority of dogs have this potty shyness. Because of this reason your dog won’t pee on road trips.

7. Fear

How come? Yes, there are some dogs such as golden retriever, laboratory, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, and such; they are very innocent and afraid.

Some of them are afraid of big vehicles such as trains, trucks, tipper lorries, etc… As a result, they will not get off the vehicle even for their private business.

So this is one of the justifications why your dog won’t pee on road trips.

8. Leash problem

Does your dog on a leash during road trips?

Most of the owners will answer this question like this. Yes, we take our dog on a leash during road trips because it is good for our dog’s safety.

Yes, you’re correct, and I totally agree with you. But the problem is some dogs don’t like to pee or poop when they are on a leash.

Wow, very impressive, isn’t it? Have you heard it before? Whatever it may be, it’s true. They don’t like to do their private things when they are on a leash. So try to take the leash off and see what happens?

9. Urine problems

Sometimes your dog has trouble peeing during road trips because of urine problems.

If some kind of liquid or blood comes out from their private parts, please take him/her to the hospital because there is no connection between road trips and peeing here.

Because of this reason, they won’t pee on road trips, not only on road trips but also at any time. So please keep an eye on your dogs if he/she has these kinds of symptoms.

How can you get your dog to pee on a road trip?

Going road trips with our lovely dog is an amazing and memorable thing. You can collect a lot of beautiful and funny moments if you take your dog road trips with you.

But what happens if the dog isn’t in a good circumstance, everything will be a mess. So if your dog won’t pee on road trips, you will become mentally stressed.

So it affects your beautiful and funny road trip. Let’s see how you can get your dog to pee on a road trip.

1. Give sufficient amount of water

If you wanna get your dog to pee on a road trip, you hafta give plenty of water. On the other hand, plenty of beverages.

Drinking water can increase the urine system. If your dog doesn’t like to drink water, give whatever he/she drinks.

Instead of water, you can give coconut water, fruit juices, vegetable juice, nut milk, kefir instead of water. After drinking them, your dog will do their private business on time.

2. Potty command

Is your dog good at obeying commands? If you got the answer as “YES”, that’s a great point. You know what, using command is a substantial trick for taking your dog under your control.

Without further delay, you can use that strategy to get your dog to pee on road trips. We all know holding it is not good for your dog’s health.

So it is not a problem to command your dog to pee on a road trip. We hafta do this for your dog’s health.

3. Use various of surface

What does it mean? Normally you do potty training when your dog is at a very young age. So what you hafta do is teach your dog to use various surfaces when you do potty training.

Such as grass, gravel, wood chips, sand, leaves, etc… It will help you maintain your dog’s potty problem when you go on road trips in the future.

4. Be ready

Only you know about your dog and dog’s problems when you go on road trips with your lovely pooch.

So, before the day you go on the trip, be prepared. Because you know the problems that occur during the trip. Be smart and get ready for the issues you are gonna face.

5. Consider doggie areas

When you plan a road trip and take your dog with you, you hafta consider the doggie areas your dog can rest.

Take the map and search the places your dog can rest. Sometimes when your dog arrives at a doggie area, he/she will do their private business because the place will be more comfortable than other areas where you stop your vehicle.

Make a plan before you go on your road trip.

How often should dogs stop road trips?

Yes, this is an important part of this article. Tired otherwise, fatigue is normal when you drive for a long time.

As humans, we can communicate and make decisions on our own. But how do dogs do it? They can’t say mum/dad I’m so tired and Can you stop the car or I wanna go to the bathroom can you take me, please.

So as a responsible owner, you have to know these things. And I am here to guide you.

Normally, you should stop during your road trips every 2 or 4 hours. The rest period is 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

There are so many rest areas, and your dog can take a potty rest. And also, during that period, touch your pooch’s head and show some affection and love.

Should you worry if your dog doesn’t pee on road trips?

It depends. But overall, you should not worry when your dog won’t pee on road trips. Like I said before, this is an extremely normal condition among most dogs.

If your dogs haven’t any physical and mental issues, do not consider this a huge problem. But do not let it happen again and again. It is good to find a solution.

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Things to be aware of

  1. Understand your dog
  2. Keep an eye on your dog because holding pee can become affected by bacterial infection as well as your dog might leak them.
  3. Consider the weather. Because terrible weather conditions can change your dog’s normal lifestyle.
  4. Offer enough water during on the road trip
  5. Take necessary good when you go on the road trips
  6. Do not push your dog to pee
  7. Don’t punish them when they refuse to do their private business
  8. Be sensitive and kind
  9. Don’t fear your dog.
  10. Let your dog stay relaxed. Don’t stress your dog. Leave your dog alone.


So today, I have talked about an extremely popular problem normally travelers endure. When the dog doesn’t pee on a road trip, we become so nervous and messy. Sometimes we cut off our trip. You won’t do it again because I have clarified all the issues with the outcomes. I wish you a safe and long journey with your lovely buddy. And I hope you will find a sustainable solution after reading my article.


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