Does Your Dog Pee Everywhere After A New Baby? [Do These]

dog pee inside the house

Are you a new mum and also a guardian of a doggy? Does your house stink because of your dog peeing around your sweet home after your new baby? It sure might be quite a hassle when you always have to clean it up, isn’t it?

A dog may pee everywhere after the arrival of a new baby due to resource guarding behavior, jealousy, take attention, stress, separation anxiety, excitement, or territory marking. This can be avoided with positive reinforcement, spending time with the dog, or seeking help from a dog behaviorist.

Let me help you out by letting you enhance your knowledge on why your doggy pees after your newborn and what to do for it, and much more!

Why does your dog pee everywhere after the arrival of the new baby?

Getting our heads on this, let me explain this bit briefly.

1. “I am afraid to lose you”

Did your blossom buddy begin to growl and bark at you after bringing the newborn baby? Did he try to bite you up when you were trying to get off something bad he was chewing?

If so, it might be quite a problem.

This is known as “resource guarding or possessive aggression,” in which your doggy might feel like you are getting far away from him and getting close only to the little one.

Therefore, no matter how much he was a “good boy,” he might show his temper to you with love-filled in his little heart.

His possessive aggression will not only stop from there; it might even lead him to pee around!

Moreover, other than the above-mentioned symptoms like biting, growling, peeing, there are more symptoms when he is in “passive aggression” mode,

  1. Running after you or another animal
  2. Eating super fast
  3. Side by side-eye stares
  4. Curling of lips
  5. Lunging

Anyhow if you notice any of these symptoms, then the answer for why your doggy is peeing might be even this!

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2. “Hey kid, I was here before you”

There is a tendency for your canine friend to be jealous if you are with a newborn. He might be thinking that your baby is “stealing” your heart.

So, defiantly he might be in the mode of “I was before you” and then go and pee around.

Doggies are quite not easy creatures to hassle with when jealous. Yes, as you see, they might pee all around; you think that will stop them from that? Nah!

He might chew up your belongings, be aggressive, hide and even decrease his appetite! Definitely, he’s not on a diet, folks!

4. “Look at me, look at me”

Does your doggy go peeing around looking at you and giving cunning grins? Have you ever scolded him before the baby when he peed in such a way?

Then he might have learned that he gets your attention when he pees! Yeah, your canine friend is hell smarter than you can ever imagine!

5. Stress alone with separation anxiety

Do you leave your canine buddy for your baby for a long time? If it’s a “yes” your fur creature might get the feeling of loneliness with the feeling that he is separated from the family.

This might have led him to the condition of stress alone with separation anxiety!

Separation anxiety is a condition that occurs due to the separation of a beloved one. It mostly occurs in puppies, but of course, it can be expected in doggies too.

This might lead him to pee around the house, and alone with that, symptoms such as not taking food, becoming quiet, restlessness and shivering might be visible. Poor one!

6. “I am super excited”

Your doggy might be super excited to see your newborn baby! Due to this excitement and release of happy hormones, your canine friend might be unintentionally urinating!

Yeah, that habit is pretty annoying, but he is just too ecstatic!

7. “This is my territory”

Have you ever heard of dogs’ “territory marking“? For this, they make use of their pee! Yes, you read it right. Usually, dogs feel like they have to protect their empire.

So, when they feel like they have a challenge, as in here, your newborn baby, he might try to invade stuff. He will keep on urinating on toys, sofas, or whatever he gets on!

Pretty hard for dog parents, isn’t it?

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What to do if your dog pee everywhere after the new baby?

Let’s dive into the remedies!

1. Canine friend and positive reinforcement!

This is one of the best techniques you can ever use! The first thing is whenever your doggy urinates, please make sure that you won’t scold him.

Instead, lower your voice and ask him not to do so, and once again make him go to his “own peeing spot”.

Then when he accomplished this right, reward him through treats! Who doesn’t like treats and rewards, right!

Try dog treats with pats on his head and praise him with applause. As you cannot always give treats within a few days, start only praising him. Eventually, he will minimize peeing everywhere in the house, even if your new baby doll is with you!

2. “Don’t look at him”

Remember, sometimes he needs your attention! He might be tricking you by urinating all over! The best thing to do in such a circumstance is to pretend as if you didn’t see it.

He’ll be pretty much doing it for days, and then when he feels like he can’t grab your attention in that way, he would give up!

3. “Play with him”

It’s not an easy-peasy task for your doggy to adjust to something new; it’s the same with the newborn baby.

Therefore, it’s better if you could take your doggy at least for a one-hour walk; take your baby with him too!

A family picnic is also an extravagant idea as well. It will be much easier for your doggy to get alone with the baby while he is playing, but make sure you keep an eye on the doggy when he is near the baby!

This will not only aid in minimizing peeing around the house, but also it would help in stimulating the dog’s mental health and physical health as well.

4. Veterinarian or dog behaviorist

If you can’t figure out any remedy to minimize the doggy from peeing, the last option is to take him to the veterinarian or a dog behaviorist. It will make things better, won’t it?

How long does it take for your dog to adjust to a new baby?

Simply, it would take about 9 months approximately to adjust things between you, your doggy, and the little one; it may even be less than that.

During these nine months, you will most probably be able to solve the doggy issues alone with its unwanted habits and get him to be friendly with a doggy!

How to speed up this adjusting period?

Now, let’s check up on what we can do to create an excellent bond with your newborn and your beloved canine friend sooner!

1. Make the baby crying moments “doggy positive”

Imagine that your newborn baby is crying and your doggy is nearby; at this meeting, make sure that you won’t chase the doggy just because the baby cries because he already might be having a detachment feeling.

Instead, give him doggy treats and make him think he is always included, and make sure you make something positive out of the situation.

2. Let the doggy adore the baby

Don’t always keep the baby and the doggy separate. Let the doggy sniff and get used to the baby’s scent. This will aid in building up a bond between the baby and your canine friend much more easily.

If you are pretty scared to do this at the beginning, let him sniff at least the baby’s clothing. Dogs learn a lot through using their smelling senses, so why not try it out?

3. Dog walks

As I have mentioned before, be sure you take your doggy on long walks with you and let him play alone.

This will make your furry friend feel more secure, which in turn will aid in bonding the newborn baby and your canine friend together.

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Things to be aware of.

After all, there are a few things we need to be cautious of. Let me point them out to you.

1. Do not punish

No matter what the reason is he is peeing for, make sure you won’t punish the little fur creature.

Instead, look into what he is going through because he needs much more love than usual as he needs to adjust to a new family member.

Moreover, punishing would make him do it more cause he knows at least this will drag your attention into him even though it’s a negative reaction.

2. Don’t always close the door for him

Giving time for the baby should not be closing the doors for our canine friend. Keep him near you as much as you can, even when you are with the baby.

You can give pats on his head while cradling the baby to ensure that he is also cared for and loved.

So, make sure you won’t be doing the above stuff after your newborn baby. Keep him loved and cared for because your bosom buddy deserves it.


Ultimately, don’t ever forget that “dogs are not just friends, but they are family”.

I hope I guided you on why your dog pees everywhere, remedies for it, and much more.

Stay connected to us to know more about the hidden gestures of your canine friends!

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