Why does my dog only chew my wife’s shoes? [Solutions too]

Why does my dog only chew my wife’s shoes

Have you ever wondered why your friendly dog only chew your lovely wife’s shoes and belongings? Since many people asked me about this matter, I decided to craft helpful content just for you.

Why does my dog only chew my wife’s shoes? Your dog may chew your wife’s shoes due to anxiety, boredom, stress, teething, material, love your wife. Puzzle toys, Raw bones, Bitter spray, hot sauce, dog proofing, soothing distraction, and adequate exercise leave a scent behind suitable solutions.

Although this problem is a bit ridiculous, knowing the exact cause can prevent your dog from chewing your wife’s stuff. So, Let’s figure out what they are.

What are the reasons why does your dog only chew your wife’s shoes and belongings?

As my experiences go, several reasons can cause this matter. I’m really excited to share all of my knowledge because I know you are a bit worried right now.

Who can wait for his wife to be disturbed by such a problem? Here I would say, “Don’t worry man. I got you” So, here is the list of reasons.

  • Your dog may love or comfort on your wife
  • Due to separation anxiety.
  • Teething
  • Due to temptation, loneliness, and the boredom
  • A method of releasing stress
  • They can understand feelings
  • Because you leave them where the dog can get them
  • Because the dog loves the material.
  • The type of the breed

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Your dog may chew your wife’s shoes because he/she loves or comfort on your wife.

This sound may be a little bit weird, isn’t it? I know It’s a bit unbelievable because it’s hard to imagine why dogs would chew their favorite person’s stuff?

But the fact is actual. Your dog might chew your wife’s shoe, clothes, and other stuff because he/she really love your wife. Think about whether your dog is overly attached to your wife.

Do you know that the dog’s sense of smell can be estimated to be more than 1000 times better than what we have? So, when your dog smells your wife’s shoe, he is really smelling your wife.

Shoe chewing can be an addictive behavior, and believe me, human’s shoes are really scent. (You can test it out, LOL) So, as I mentioned above, it could be your wife’s scent that attracts the dog to your wife’s items and because dogs are scent and orally motivated to that.

Once the damage is done, giving punishments after you found that isn’t a real option. Instead, you must follow a specific process to make them realize that certain chewing things are a terrible trait.

So, before we end this article, let’s discuss how to do it. But, If you a little bit rush, take a look at this video below.

Your Dog may chew your wife’s shoes due to separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety could be one of the main reasons why this matter happens. But the fact of the matter is, dogs do not try to chew a specific person’s things as they get anxious.

But, as we know, wives have so many belongings. Because of that, there is a high possibility to chew only her things. So, check if your dog showing the following behaviors.

  • Destruction, digging, and chewing
  • Howling and barking
  • defecating and urinating
  • pacing
  • Escaping

If so, Your dog suffers from separation anxiety. To make sure this statement, take a look at the following things and check if any of the following can be a reason for this matter.

  • Did you change in residence recently?
  • Did anyone leave your house?
  • Did you change the schedule of your dog?
  • Does your dog a new dog to your house?

If so, separation anxiety can be the main reason why does your dog chews your wife’s shoes and other belongings. So, I recommend you to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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Teething also can be a reason why this problem can happen. If this is your dog’s teething period, absolutely, you don’t wanna worry too much. But the matter is chewing is an addictive behavior.

So, if your dog continues chewing the shoes, he-won’t stop this bad trait even after his teething period. So, I recommend you buy some chewing toys for your dog.

Your dog may chew your wife’s shoes because of temptation, loneliness, and the boredom

Usually, dogs tend to show some lazy, destructive behaviors as they feel some kind of boredom, loneliness, or temptation. So, it could lead your dog to chew your wife’s shoes.

So, check if your dog shows the following behavior

  • Escaping
  • Hyper greetings
  • Barking
  • Destructive chewing
  • General mischief

If so, your dog is bored. So, you have to take the necessary actions to release his boredom.

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A method of releasing stress

Many scantiest think that chewing certain things can cause to release of dopamine, and it can decrease stress. Also, it can increase the sense of well-being.

This dopamine can mostly be released as humans or dogs engage with something they like or a kind of entertaining thing.

So, your dog might engage with chewing your wife’s shoes or other belongings to have fun. In some cases, this destructive behavior can occur as a self-soothing behavior because of anxiety or stress issues.

Besides chewing, check if your dog shows the following behaviors,

  • Whining or barking
  • Panting
  • HIding or escaping behavior
  • Shaking or pacing
  • Yawning
  • Excessive drooling
  • Licking
  • Sudden aggression
  • Restlessness or Pacing

If so, your dog gets stressed. In fact, to make sure of that statement, take a look at the following things.

  • Are there loud noises near your home?
  • Do you often leave your dog at home alone?
  • Did you change your house
  • Is your dog rehomed one?
  • Are these the first few days of your dog?

If so, your dog gets stressed, and that’s why he tends to chew your wife’s shoes and other belongings. In fact, taking necessary actions is crucial. Let’s discuss that before the end of this article.

They can understand feelings

So, What I mean by here is that if your wife always blames you, this can happen. There is no scientific proof for this statement.

But I have heard stories like this many times. I know this is a bit controversial. But it can happen, my man!

Because you leave them where the dog can get them

This sound can be obvious. But as we discussed earlier, ladies own so many kinds of stuff, and your wife might put her stuff places where the dog can easily access it.

To be honest with you, I don’t think dogs really understand ownership in the way you and I do. So your dog isn’t grabbing and chew your wife’s shoes because he knows it belongs to your wife.

But if you think about it a little more, you can understand it much more simply. So, your wife is his favorite person, and he chews because chewing shoes is fun. And also, these shoes smell like his favorite person.

I mean, He is not chewing shoes because he is trying to destroy them, and we need to understand that it’s just fun.

Your dog might chew your wife’s shoes because he loves the material.

We know that many shoes are made of rawhide, leather. Leather shoes can have a scent of their natural origin in most cases, and it looks delicious for dogs.

In fact, your shoes also smell like your wife’s smell, so it might be much better when we think about your dog’s perspective. We know that canines are really notorious for finding scents that they want to figure out.

So, shoes are soft, and they can be much more interesting for your dog to chew. I hope this makes sense.

The type of the breed

This destructive behavior can also occur due to the breed and age of the dog. But if you have some kind of a retriever like Labrador retriever, Golden retriever, or else hunting breed, this bad trait can occur because of their congenital habits.

Because these types of dogs were originally bred to pick up games in their mouth. Check out the list of breeds that chew the most,

  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Beagle
  • Chihuahua
  • Border collie
  • Australian shepherded
  • Basset Hound
  • Boxer
  • Bulldog
  • Dachshund
  • Dalmatian

How to keep your dog from chewing wife’s shoes and belongings?

I know this destructive behavior is so annoying. That’s why I’m gonna give you so many practical solutions to go with. See, these several solutions are more than traditional ones.

So, I’m pretty much sure that you will end up solving the problem. So, let’s dive right in.

  • Give puzzle toys
  • Give RAW bones
  • Use Bitter spray
  • Use hot sauce
  • Dog proof your house
    • X-penning
    • Crating
  • Create soothing distractions
  • Give adequate exercises
  • Train them
  • Leave your scent behind

Give puzzle toys, and your dog will not chew your wife’s shoes.

I think you know what puzzle toys are. Puzzle toys for dogs are toys that you can put food into, and that will keep your dog busy all the time.

When you give your dog this kind of toy and your wife’s shoe, obviously he will pick the toy. Because the food is the highest priority for the dog, that’s much more exciting than chewing on your wife’s shoe.

So, as we discussed in the reasons section, dogs tend to chew things as they get bored. If you do not give them a specific task to be busy with, they are always going to find a way to stay busy.

So, the first thing we want to do with destructive chewing is to make sure that the dog is not bored. We wanna give them options of toys to play with.

In fact, regular toys usually won’t do it because unless there is someone to interact with a dog, there are boring. But toys with food, however, are excellent mental stimulation that gets the dog tired.

But they entice the dog to play with it because they have to work to get the food out. So, here is you can do that step by step,

  1. Get the puzzle toy and shove food in there ( kibble is fine)
  2. Then run it under hot water
  3. Then take the whole toy and put it into the freezer with the kibble inside
  4. Then take it the next day, then you will have a frozen kibble inside there.

To be honest, It’s much harder for the dog to get it out, and it will last much longer. So, give this a shot!

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Give RAW bones

You can use bones to keep your dog busy, and he will never chew your wife’s shoes and other belongings. But you wanna make sure that always give them RAW bones.

I mean, never ever give them cooked bones. Because cooked bones can splinter. In fact, always give him a bigger size.

Use Bitter spray, and your dog won’t chew your wife’s shoes and other belongings.

If your dog is not stopping chewing your wife’s stuff, you can try a Deterrent spray, or we call the Bitter spray.

So, the bitter spray is just so usually the water-based spray, and when you find out what are the things your dog chew most, and you can spray it on the shoe.

Next time your dog goes there and chew it, it will feel disgusting for your dog. So, your dog will go away.

Use hot sauce

Sometimes hot sauces are more effective, and you can keep your dog from chewing your wife’s shoes and other stuff. Because dogs hate the smell of sauce.

Do you know dogs’ noses are so sensitive that sometimes just the smell can be good to turn? So, get a small amount of Sause and apply somewhere on the thing that your dog tends to chew.

Dog proof your house and make it difficult for your dog to chew your wife’s shoes.

What I mean by dog-proof is you can do the following things.

  • Use a dog crate
  • x-penning

Use a dog crate

If the above solutions are not much help, you can crate them when you are away. But make sure to provide all the needs and wants to his crate before you leave. Personally, I don’t like to crate my dog. If I haven’t any option, Probably I will crate him.

Note: If you crate your dog for a long time can cause a lot of problems. Check if your dog drools inside the crate. If so, Something went wrong.


You can dedicate a room or specific area for your dog. Then you can enclose it with a gate. Personally, I would like to use this method rather than crating my canine friend so long. But if you live in a really small apartment, you haven’t much space. So, probably you will need to crate your buddy.

Create soothing distractions

If your dog used to chew your wife’s shoes or other belongings, perhaps your dog is suffering from separation anxiety or other related psychological problems.

So, making some soothing distractions would help you keep your dog calm and peacefully away from home.

So, I would suggest you turn on the TV or radio with some calm music.

Give adequate exercises

Dogs tend to be so distractive as they suffering from psychological problems. If you are busy enough and not giving enough attention to your dog, your dog will be so distracted over time.

So, in order to keep your dog physically and mentally healthy, you need to provide them adequate exercises on a daily basis. But, I cannot suggest here the exercises because the amount of exercise a dog needs depends on the breed.

Train them your dog to stop chewing your wife’s shoes

If your dog used to chew your wife’s shoes and other stuff, it’s time to train him to avoid that bad trait. You can do it easily if you watch the video above.

Leave your wifes scent behind.

As we discussed above, dogs love to chew things that belong to their favorite person. So, get your dog’s favorite toy and keep it with your wife for a few minutes. I suggest you keep it between your wife’s hands.

Then what happens is your scent will transfer to that toy, and that scent will help to soothe him.

Things to be aware of

I think now you have pretty much good knowledge about why does your dog tend to chew your wife’s shoes and other belongings. And you have read the possible solutions too.

But there are some important things you need to be aware of. So, let’s figure out what they are.

Don’t keep him/her in the crate so long.

As we discussed above, you have to use the crate on some occasions to prevent his destructive behavior. But if you leave your dog alone for a long time, it would cause to occur several psychological problems.

Don’t give punishment.

Suppose your dog chewed something and you found it. If you punish him, it’s not gonna work because he does not know why you are blaming or punishing him. What he only knows by the tone of your voice is you are angry. But he doesn’t know why.

But if you catch him up while chewing a specific item, you can warn them to not do it by saying no. But having positive reinforcement training and obedience training is crucial in order to deal with such situations.


Have you ever thought why does your dog chew only your wife’s shoes and other belongings? If so, this article is for you. This fully comprehensive guide contains possible reasons for that destructive behavior and the most effective solutions (Note that most solutions are not traditional). I hope you enjoyed it. Have a nice day.