[9 Reasones] Why does my dog stare at the floor?

Why does my dog stare at the floor

Most people are curious to know why do their dogs stare at the floor for a long time. We gonna look into 9 reasons why they would do that and possible solutions. So, let’s dive right in.

Here is the short answer for why does my dog stare at the floor?

Dogs tend to stare at the floor due to sadness, anxiety, aging effects, he sees insects about to throw up, it sees a reflection of something, compulsive disorder, and few health issues. Sufficient attention & socialization, adequate exercises, relieve boredom, meeting a vet are possible solutions.

Since your dog may want to do this due to both normal or abnormal reasons, It is essential to look for specific causes in order to apply the appropriate solutions or treatment.

Reasons why does your dog stare at the floor.

When I experience this in the first place, my Roxy (my Doberman girl) was staring at the floor with her hanging head precisely as if she had been caught in something.

But the problem is, there wasn’t anything, at least from my perspective.

So, I decided to observe the exact reason behind this unusual behavior. Of course, there were several causes that I suspected. But. Here are the common reasons why would your dog would look at the floor.

  1. Due to sadness
  2. Separation anxiety
  3. Small insect or serpent.
  4. About to throw up.
  5. See the reflection of something.
  6. Chilling with shadow
  7. Compulsive disorder
  8. The dog is getting older.
  9. Health issues or other psychological issues.

1. Some dogs stare at the floor due to sadness.

Just like humans, dogs also can feel sadness because of several reasons. So, if your canine friend used to continue to look at the floor all of a sudden, chances are something went terribly wrong with your dog that can make him regretful.

Here are some common causes for your dog to be distressed.

  • Frightened of something.
  • Loss of beloved human or animal friend. Maybe the dog is firmly attached to a particular person, and he has to left the house for an extended period of time.
  • Some sort of behaviour change in the owner. If on a busy day you don’t care so much about the dog, this can happen. In fact, this behaviour change can be either emotional or physical.
  • You know what? Dogs are specialists in communication with humans and understand us, especially therapy dogs, including Labrador retriever, golden retriever, poodle. If they feel something odd about you, like in a case you are unhappy, the dogs usually find it unhappy.
  • If you bring another pet or toddler to the house, the dog may feel sad, and that can be a reason to stare at the floor. Often we can hear that kind of stories from newlyweds. If you are unsure, please consider reading this article “8 Reasons why does my dog growl or bark at my wife?
  • When moving to a new house.
  • Because of an illness.

Sadness or regret in dogs isn’t something you don’t want to worry about, apart from circumstances like injury or illness.

We gonna look into the possible solutions in detail under the solution section. So, let’s head over to the next reason.

2. Could be the separation anxiety issue

Separation anxiety is also one of the main reasons why some dogs just stare at the floor for a long time. This circumstance often can be encountered in houses where the dog is overly attached to one person.

So, these dogs cannot satisfy the company of other family members.

In fact, your dog may be more prone to separation anxiety for the following reasons.

  • Are you the new owner of the dog, and is this the first few weeks? Even though changing the ownership of dogs isn’t something that can be accepted, people still do that. If this is the case, your canine friend is suffering from separation anxiety.
  • Dogs have a very accurate internal clock, so changing the routine can make them feel anxious, which can be why your dog stares at the floor.
  • Again, the loss of a family member.
  • Being left alone for a long time. Click this link to understand whether shelties be left alone? (Written by a veterinary undergraduate)
  • Moving from a shelter to your home.

If you found the reason is anxiety, helping the dog to cure, it is essential. Then being obsessed with staring at the floor will be disappeared from the dog.

Anyway, we gonna discuss the possible actions you can take in such a circumstance under the solutions. So, let’s head over to the following reason.

3. Because of small insects or serpent

If your dog keeps staring at the floor for a long time, it might be fascinated by small animals like mice, termites, or even ants!

But, one of the worst reasons can be a small serpent is crawling under the carpet. (Actually, this is based on my experience) In general, our canines friends have an excellent sense of smell and excellent eyesight. So, if this is the reason behind this odd behavior, watch out!

If this odd behavior in your dog persists, perhaps, this is the time to get an exterminator’s service to ensure the living things inside your house and get rid of them.

4. Dogs tend to stare at the floor as they about to throw up.

Vomiting or trying to vomiting is a sound that most dog parents hate to hear. So, if your dog keeps staring at the floor awkwardly, chances are he may be about to throw up.

Then you will suddenly hear the sound of vomiting. Maybe you’re too late to take the dog out.

Some of the causes for this vomiting are completely normal, and sometimes the dog needs the attention of a veterinarian.

5. The dog sees a reflection of something through the floor.

Some dogs are more inclined to stare at the floor for ages. Probably, the dog sees the reflection of something. Then they get super curious and enthusiastic to get that thing out of the floor by scratching,

After that, they tend to stand and stare to ensure whether they can see it again.

Dogs do this often whenever they play outdoors, maybe in the backyard on sunny days. Although this is rare among adult dogs, the Puppies that haven’t yet been adequately socialized are curious about these things.

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6. Chilling with shadows

Some dogs, even adult ones super enthusiastic to just stare at the floor for ages with the wagging tail. Often, This behavior can occur when the lights are on in the evening.

They would love to play with shadows of their own ears. Funny enough, eh?

Herding dogs like collies are more inclined to do this as they don’t get sufficient exercise.

7. Compulsive disorder

In general, we can expect this Compulsive disorder circumstance from stressed, under-stimulated, bored, overactive dogs that are seeking something to do.

Staring at the floor is one of the reasons for compulsive disorder. In fact, chasing their own tails, chasing shadows, lights, licking their tails are other reasons.

The good thing here is that the compulsive disorder cannot harm your dog. They just do this to get your attention when they get bored.

8. Some old dogs used to stare at the floor.

As human beings, we know that many people suffer from various cognitive problems as they age. We cannot see much difference when it comes to dogs.

One of the common cognitive issues among dogs is CDD (cognitive dysfunction syndrome), and you have to meet your vet in order to understand whether the dog has CDD.

Apart from staring at the floor for a long time, several other symptoms will exhibit.

  • Restlessness
  • Sudden confusion
  • Excessive licking.
  • Excessive barking.
  • Refuse to play.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Strange sleeping habits.
  • Anxiety

9. Due to health issues or other psychological issues.

Several health issues or psychological issues may influence the dog to stare at the floor for a long time. Here are some of the common problems.

  • Epileptic.
  • Neurological problem.
  • Fly snapping or biting,

Epileptic: This is one of the common chronic conditions among dogs that may cause repeated seizures.

Neurological problems: These are some kinds of illnesses that impact a dog’s peripheral nervous system.

Fly snapping or biting: This is a rare condition called fly snapping syndrome or flycatching syndrome. Here, the dog seems to be directing their gaze to something in the air and sudden bite or snap.

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What can you do if your dog stares at the floor?

Anyone can get confused with this kind of weird behavior in a dog. Since this can happen due to normal and abnormal circumstances, You need to carefully monitor the cause.

Therefore, by knowing the exact cause, it is so easy to apply appropriate remedies or solutions.

  • Give sufficient attention.
  • Provide adequate and appropriate exercise.
  • Provide sufficient socialization.
  • Break up the boredom.
  • Have some playtime.
  • Consider consulting the vet.

Give sufficient attention

Dogs are attention seekers. They would love to do anything just to get your attention. You can help your dog cure tons of psychological issues, including stress and anxiety, by setting aside at least 15-30 minutes of your time and spending some quality time with the dog.

As discussed above, dogs tend to stare at the floor as they feel anxious, fearful, and sad. Giving some extra attention whenever he loss someone the dog loved the most, maybe a person or another pet,

Moreover, If you bring another member home, do not let him feel any change. Say, you get another dog or a cat. Ensure to give the same love and attention as you used to do.

Provide adequate and appropriate exercise.

Most dogs can exhibit signs of sadness or anxiety whenever they move to a new family or anything significant change happens in their lives. That’s mainly because of the change in routine.

You will find it difficult to solve this issue within few days. But, being consistent and sticking with a specific routine will definitely help your dog.

Often dogs find it difficult to adapt quickly to a new schedule. So they will start to do odd behaviors like staring at the floor for no reason.

Provide sufficient socialization.

Since the lack of socialization can be one of the main reasons most dogs just stare at the floor, consider giving proper socialization and letting the dog experience how the outside world is.

Going to dog parks downtown, visiting neighbors, participating in socialization classes will surely help.

Break up the boredom.

If your dog is used to look at the floor for ages, chances are the dog is suffering from boredom. In general, under physically and mentally stimulated dogs tend to suffer more from boredom.

Consider doing the following things in order to ease the boredom of your dog.

  • Spend more time with the dog.
  • Provide exciting toys, especially puzzle toys, can definitely help.
  • Try to teach new tricks every day.
  • If you are away from home for an extended period of time, consider keeping the dog in doggie daycare.
  • Get another dog.

Have some playtime.

Consider having a dog playdate. If you have a nice backyard, this will be much easier for you. So, you can engage in the following activities.

  • Playing fetch.
  • Find the treat game
  • Tug of war.
  • Frisbee
  • Train the dog to chase bubbles.
  • Go for an interactive walk.
  • Consider a long walk or hike.

Consider consulting the vet if your dog is used to stare at the floor.

As we discussed earlier. Dogs tend to exhibit this kind of odd behavior due to several health issues. So, if you feel something wrong with the dog, consider meeting the vet as soon as possible.

Things to be aware of.

  • Never ever attempt to punish your dog for this kind of behavior.
  • Praise for positive signs.
  • Don’t forget regular vet checkups.
  • Always do some research and seek veterinary advice prior to creating an exercise schedule for your dog.
  • Never leave the canine friend alone for more than a few hours.


Many dog parents are curious to know why their dogs just stare at the floor for ages without reason. So, this comprehensive guide contains 9 possible reasons for that odd behavior and the solutions that will help your dog eliminate such wired behaviors. Hope you found this article is helpful. have a nice day!

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