All about Doberman puppies

Doberman Puppies

Doberman puppies… oh! Can you hear that sound? The sound when he is barking. Can you imagine that muscular, elegant and robust body? I have a friend called Fernando. He sent me a couple of photos of his ten months old Doberman puppy. That is amazing. So I decided to visit Fernando’s home for lunch. He had a hard time stopping his dog’s barking.

When I am writing this article, I can imagine his brave face, Sharp eyes. Dobermans get used to using as a watchdog and protector in past decades. Typically they trained as a police dog and to help for military purposes. Doberman puppies have a lot of popularity in these sections, and it’s not to be wondering if you have seen this dog in those places. Because it’s widespread. They are 

  • Very intelligent
  • Friendly
  • Sensitive
  • Dependent

Let’s find out some information that you should know about the Doberman puppy.

Color brown
Size medium large
Height (male) 26-29 inches
Weight (male) 40-45kg
Height (female) 24-26 inches
Weight (female) 32-35kg
Price (American Doberman) 1500$-2500$
Price (European Doberman) 3000$-4000$

Those are fundamental things you should know about Doberman puppy. So let’s find out some more. I hope you guys keep reading.

  1. Is it Appropriate to get a Doberman puppy as my pet?
  2. At which age I should buy a Doberman puppy?
  3. What are common health diseases?
  4. Required time to exercise?
  5. can train them efficiently?
  6.  How to feed your Doberman?
  7. Can we leave him alone?

1) Is it Appropriate to get a Doberman puppy as my pet?

As I told you earlier, this dog is a brilliant, friendly, sensitive dog. They every time, depending on their family. Which means you need to care about him every time. If you are a kind of a busy person and if you spend most of the time outside of your home, this dog is not for you. Because you need to provide the care they need. 

We every one knows as they are danger puppy. So it’s better to socialize them from their puppyhood. They are not becoming automatically danger dogs. Mainly your care ness may affect his character. Therefore if you are willing to buy a Doberman puppy, think about it a little bit more. 

As I told you before in past decades, they used as a watchdog and as a protector. If you have this kind of pup, you will feel something like “I’m very secure now”. As they are very close to their family, he will not allow anyone to hurt you. So if you fell “I need a security guard” it’s appropriate to get a Doberman puppy as your pet.

2)At which age I should buy a Doberman puppy?

If he at least eight weeks old you can buy him. As we know, it’s better to bring him when his childhood. Because we have to train them a lot of things, even so, we should allow breastfeeding in their infancy. It will help to the healthier future of this dog.

3) What are common health diseases?

  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM)
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease
  • Wobbler’s Syndrome

Stay alert about your dog if he Breathing badly, A problem of activity level, Sleeping too much, or something like that goes and meets the veterinarian.

4) Required time to exercise for Doberman puppy?

They require to do exercises for about 2 hours per day. Although these dogs need a lot of activities, they can adapt to living an apartment. In order to burn off the energy, it’s suitable to give him long daily walks and get used to doing enough exercise.

However, they are running here and there each time. So it’s too beneficial to make them healthier by receiving automatically exercises. On the other hand, physical stimulation is not enough; you need to mentally stimulate them to help release their stress in their mind. So are many many different intelligent games that dogs can play with their owners. So choose such kind of a game for that.

Doberman Puppies

5) can train them efficiently?

Sure. You can train them efficiently rather than other dog breeds because these dogs are brilliant. All thing we have to do is starting the training them since their childhood.

 First and foremost, you need to teach them basic commands such as sit, go, come, sleep. Because it’s essential if you want to train them a little bit deeper basic commands, they should know, and it may be easily manageable. 

You can start to teach the primary command in his puppyhood. Every time they are doing well doesn’t forget to give him a puppy treat. At that time, they get used to knowing what he should do if he wants to eat a puppy treat. 

With the time when he is growing, you can focus them on a little bit mind growing games. They can understand rather than other dogs. You can focus on different ways. If you want a better guard, you can make them like a bodyguard. If you wish to as a healthy dog for day to day life for reducing your loneliness, you can make him. 

The first thing to tell you. As we all know, this dog is slightly danger when compared to other dogs. When this little dog bit grew up, you may play with him for training purposes. But here is the thing. Take away your children from him when he is playing.

6) How to feed your Doberman?

When you are feeding your Doberman, you have to consider proteins, Vitamins, carbohydrates. My friend, called Fernando, is feeding his puppy very well. We all know this puppy has a few health problems when compared to other dogs. So the feeding method is useful for his health. Some times you may be eating sweets. But don’t give it to your dog. It’s awful for him. 

There is a special thing to tell you. If he not at least eight weeks old, don’t separate from his mother. Which means we should allow him to drink milk from her mother. It’s essential for his healthier future. 

After 6-8 weeks after you can give him canned meat while breastfeeding. Because we have to teach him to eat some hard food except milk. 

Whenever we are buying dog foods, we have to consider the quality mainly. So for getting regular physical activity from this pup, we have to give him 26% protein, 15-18% fat. Then you no need to provide additional supplements for him.

7)  Can we leave him alone?

   The answer is not. If you have to go somewhere, make sure someone has to be in your home. Remember, it should be. Otherwise, he will bite all kinds of stuff in your home because he is expecting a massive amount of care about him. You can’t tell your neighbor to care about him if no one at home because he is a Doberman dude. No one likes to take a risk. If he is kind of small dog-like Cavachon, you can crate him and bring with your vehicle if you are on a picnic.  

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