All the things about Brindle german shepherd dogs

brindle german shepherd puppy

You are looking for details about Brindle german shepherd puppy. Well, you are in the right place. So let’s go ahead and understand each and everything about this puppy.

Height of males 24 to 26 inches
Height of females  22 to 24 inches
Weight of males 66 to 88 pounds
Weight of females 48 to 70 pounds
Price $500 to $1500, but this varies by several factors
Lifespan 9 to 13 years

 So for the easiness, let’s divide this article into small topics. I hope you guys keep reading.

  1. What is mean by Brindle dog?
  2. Is Brindle rare?
  3. What breed of dog has brindle markings?
  4. Do German shepherds come in brindle color?
  5. How big achieve brindle german shepherd puppy get?
  6. At which age should I buy a brindle german shepherd puppy?
  7. Is brindle german shepherd puppy natural protector?
  8. They are extraordinary, intelligent, and loyal.
  9. They can become very greedy.
  10. Are they aggressive dogs?
  11. How to train them?

1)What is mean by Brindle dog?

Brindle is a color pattern for the animal’s coat. Especially for dogs. So those dogs have brindle coats identifies as brindle dogs.

2)Is Brindle rare?

The brindle coat is not rare. But brindle german shepherds are rarely we can see.

3)What breed of dog has brindle markings?

There are so many af them: German shepherd, Great Dane, English Mastiff, Bullmastiff, etc..

4)Do German shepherds come in brindle color?

Yes, of course. That’s all about in this article. We call him as brindle german shepherd puppy. There are so many brindle colors various they have.

  • brindle long haired german shepherd
  • silver brindle german shepherd

5)How big achieve brindle german shepherd puppy get?

We no need to specify as brindle german shepherd puppy. They are the same as other german shepherds. We can’t find the size variance of these dogs except the coat.

6)At which age should I buy a brindle german shepherd puppy?

It’s ok to bring him to your home if he is at least eight weeks old because we should allow him to breastfeed in his puppyhood. Everyone knows the german shepherd dog breeds have identified as a brilliant dog breed. So for that, they need a healthier future. Due to that, we need to stay until that time.

7)Is brindle german shepherd puppy natural protector?

Yes. It is. These dog breeds are natural protectors. Without natural guard dogs, it’s their nature to protect the owner and their home. This brindle german shepherd puppies mostly associate with as police dogs.

Though this breed act as a protector dog, we should socialize them with your children, your relations, and even other dog breeds. By doing that, it won’t be harmful to his protector career.

As I told before, this dog is brilliant. He knows, and he can identify occasions that he should give protection to us. 

8)brindle german shepherd puppy is an extraordinary, intelligent, and loyal dog

The versatility brindle german shepherd puppy and his abilities are not more chance. They are due to incredible cognitive, physical, and emotional capacity german shepherds ranked third in the ranking of the most intelligent dog breed in the world.

In addition to that, their nature is alert, balanced, friendly, and extremely loyal to the guardians. Contributing to their facility for training and creating a fantastic all-round dog.

9)They can become very greedy.

Despite their balanced behavior, the brindle german shepherd puppy can become somewhat gluttonous, overeating too quickly. So you have to be alert to bad eating habits and train them to desist.

Ideally, the daily amount of food should be portioned into at least two meals. So they don’t wait too long between eating.

10)Are they aggressive dogs?

The brindle german shepherd puppy is one of the most loyal dog breeds. They are not aggressive and much less harmful by nature. In the country, they tend to show balanced behavior and are obedient and alert.

However, as always, we emphasize the behavior of the dog will depend mainly on the education and environment provided by you.

Unfortunately, incorrect or irresponsible rearing of this dog can lead the problems with aggression. For this reason, it’s essential to pay attention to the training and socialization of this breed. 

11) How to train them?

As this dog breed is one of the most intelligent dog breeds, we can train them efficiently. They enjoy learning and can quickly adapt to themselves new environment.

For training, a brindle german shepherd puppy requires patience, guidance, and time.

When starts?

Time to start training is matters a lot. A brindle German shepherd puppy can be easily molded into the desired personality. Adult brindle german shepherds are strong, dominant, and they can become reluctant to training by showing aggressive behavior.

So start training your puppy when he eight to nine weeks old. Before this time do your pre works for this training.

  • Make a detailed plan for training your puppy.
  • Gather some information and training tips from your friends who own this kind of trainers.

Remember this. Your puppy is like a baby. He doesn’t understand your language or commands. He also doesn’t know which behavior is acceptable and which isn’t.

Puppy’s brain may take time to comprehend the meaning of your commands. So at the start, be patient and consistent.

Basic commands training.

In this practice, your puppy is introduced to the training process and learns his basic commands. First, he should able to learn to recognize his name.

He will learn it when you call him by his name while looking at him. Do this several times till he thoroughly understands his name. 

Other basic commands your brindle German shepherd puppy should learn are

  • come
  • sit
  • Heel
  • stay

associate these commands with different actions or hand gestures. So that becomes easy for your puppy to learn.

Especially keep your commands short and simple and also use the same word for a particular command. Do short training sessions and give a break between them. Do several repetitions of every command. 

Potty training

The first rule your brindle German shepherd puppy needs to learn after you brought him home is to urinate in a specific place and not everywhere. Take advantage of the new environment and start potty training your puppy the day you bring him home.

If the puppy remains with his mom for the first few weeks, he already would have an idea not to urinate in his living area.

Crate training can help you a lot in potty training near a puppy. It makes them understand that their living area shouldn’t dirty.

Designate a specific area that your puppy should use for potty. It could be a potty pad or a particular area in your yard.

Once established in his mind, your puppy will go specific area by himself whenever the need to potty.

Crate training

Keeping your brindle German shepherd puppy in a cage crate may look cruel at first, but it is an effective way to control and train your puppy. Also living in a crate like places in their nature.

Crate training can help you ina number of ways.

Control dog aggressive behavior helps a lot to potty training your puppy. The dog feels safe and comfortable, helpful, and dog separation anxiety a safe place for your dog when you are away.

You are an owner of a beautiful brindle German shepherd puppy. It is your responsibility to know about crate specifications. Some of the available crate types in the market are

  1. Wire-mesh type.
  2. Plastic-type.
  3.  Wooden box type.

So you can choose a crate that you want for your german shepherd. However, there are some requirements for a crate.

  1. Enough space for your dog to stand, turn around and sleep comfortably. 
  2. The bottom of the crate should be soft and comfortable. Put a blanket or towel there. 
  3. Put some dog toys in the crate so that he can play with when becoming bored. 
  4. Freshwater and food should be available close to the crate.

Put the crate in a place where your puppy spends most of the time. The recommended location is the bedroom.

Leash training

One of the first obedience training your brindle German shepherd puppy needs to learn is leash training. It is required to keep your puppy safe and under control whenever you take him outside.

The best time to start leash training is when your dog is a puppy. This way, he will learn those leash manners quickly. Finding the right collar and leash for your dog is very important, a soft collar, and a strong. The short leash would be the perfect choice for your puppy.

Keep him your under control and prevent him from going away. Use a short leash. Leash pulling the main problem you will face during leash training near the puppy. It is a natural behavior of any dog.

So don’t be yell on your brindle German shepherd puppy. Use the paws method to overcome leash pulling.

 When your puppy tries to pull the leash and drag you towards a direction or object, just stop and don’t move with your dog. Your puppy will look back at you will understand you don’t want to go there.

with the time he will start to love you. you can understand how dogs show love by reading this.

So guys comment below and share your idea too about Brindle German shepherd puppy. Have a beautiful day:)

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