Did A Dog Bite You Through The Clothes? [Do This ASAP!]

Does your doggy use to play with your pants and sleeves? Yes, I know it is adorable and seems cute. But have you ever imagined turning this habit into a critical situation when they are grown?

A dog biting human clothes is unacceptable. It suggests to the dog that human clothes are chewing toys.

The habit can be stopped by not reacting to chewing, replacing clothes with toys, training ‘to leave them and ‘drop them, and keeping your dog busy. Biting only through clothes does not cause rabies.

Want to stop this behavior of your doggy? Well, start reading and let us know more about the matter in detail.

Should you worry if a dog bites you through clothes?

As it says, should you really worry about your doggy biting through your clothes? Well, it can be put in this way.

Encouraging a doggy fellow to keep chewing your pants or sleeves does not sound good. It might be a little okay during his puppyhood, but this behavior might bother you when he grows and gets stronger.

Because bites of a well-bred doggy are never gonna create that cute and adorable feeling when they are small.

Things become worse when your doggy tries to taste your friends’ and neighbors’ jeans or clothes. Perhaps a doggy fellow is just playing with clothes, but it can be a headache for you and others.

Once your doggy gets addicted to the habit of biting you through your clothes, they start doing it supposing it is just a play. So, you should let them understand gradually when their teeth are put on your skin, the playtime is over.

It is better to worry a little about your doggy biting you through your jeans or sleeves before the habit reaches a level that is out of your control. Doggy fellows usually grow up grabbing only the things they are taught or trained in.

And also, if your dog just lets the habit go when growing up, you do not need to worry at all. You have to put an effort when they continue it and make sure to interfere before the matter becomes beyond your control.

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What should you do if your dog bites through clothes?

In short, you have to literally STOP! Then the question hits you, how to?. We’ll see what you should do if your dog bites through clothes.

As we all know, prevention is often the best strategy. So, the same theory can apply to the matter of a doggy biting you through your clothes.

Sometimes, it might not be you but one of your friends, neighbors, or even very important visitors. When considering all these, I am sure that you feel the necessity of preventing your doggy from biting through clothes.

It is a general fact that doggies are nasty play balls, and if not trained well, they tend to play all the crazy whenever they are free. It does not matter with your pair of jeans or skirts or sleeves.

They just want to bite and shake like a cute rascal. I am pretty sure that you’ve seen such awkward behaviors of them.

If they are doing it unlimitedly, it does not sound good, and has already developed a bad habit. In such instances, what can you do to take him to the track?

Well, let’s look into some solutions to the issue.

1. ‘Leave it’ and ‘Drop it’ Commands.

Training your doggy to rethink his actions when picking up something from his teeth effectively stops his lousy behavior of biting his clothes.

Try training your doggy with the ‘Leave it’ and ‘Drop it‘ commands step by step, and let him understand that he should drop or leave it from his mouth once these two words are heard.

This way, you will stop him from biting unwanted objects, including your expensive pair of jeans.

Start with something that does not bother your doggy a lot which means with objects of less value. Then move on with things that they really love to bite or chew. You can try with some old T’s if your doggy loves chewing them rather than anything else.

2. Do not react.

Sometimes your doggy might enjoy how you react towards their nasty act of biting your clothes. They expect your reaction by doing such a thing and motivate you more to do the same thing when you start reacting.

So, one of the most brilliant tips to get your doggy rid of this bad habit is to stay frozen without reacting.

Do not forget that your doggy is excited in such instances, and your reactions possibly give him more energy to jump and pull your clothes.

You can just stand still, look away or look down and stand with tucked hands without a single emotion.

Following the strategy of not reacting effectively reduces the interest of your crazy doggy to bite through clothes.

Keep in your mind not to scream, shriek or push your doggy away since it can encourage him more to continue with biting.

3. Replace clothes with toys.

Try your best to replace biting your clothes with their favorite toys. Toys are, of course, more acceptable, and biting and chewing toys does not cause any harm to you or your doggy.

Suppose your little rascal doggy goes nuts and does all the crazy biting your clothes and sometimes biting through your clothes once you return home from work.

In that case, you can try tossing one of his favorite toys and ask him to ‘find it. You can also start this strategy with treats as well.

Find some new and innovative methods to replace toys with clothes without just normally asking your doggy to bite on a toy. Because they’re gonna not do it.

4. Make your dog busy.

Grabbing your clothes and trying to bite them with more energy can be the result of the laziness of your doggy. It is also a sign of an under-challenged dog which requires more activities and play times.

In such instances, you can keep your doggy busy with food puzzles or games, which will help to release their energy without putting them out as bad habits such as biting through your clothes.

Apart from the solutions mentioned above and identified reasons, a dog might tend to jump into people, and biting through clothes is possible when he is with separation anxiety or noise phobia.

So, if you feel like your doggy has got something more regarding biting through your clothes and it is not a part of playing anymore, it is better to seek help from the vet.

Can someone get rabies from a dog biting through clothes?

One of the most common questions is whether you get rabies from a doggy biting through clothes.

Well, it can be put together in the following manner.

First, you should be aware that rabies is a virus that cannot attack you by simply getting on your skin. To cause the danger, it should enter your bloodstream. It can be through a wound or a bite.

So, if your skin is not broken or damaged after getting bitten by the dog, you are okay. No issues.

But, by any chance, if your skin has a few scratches and broken even a minute area and your doggy is not vaccinated, you SHOULD clean the area with flowing water and go to the hospital ASAP.

This can happen when the bite is aggressive, or you got a grown doggy pal with much energy. So in such cases, the best thing to do is seek medical advice.

A doggy might bite your pants or clothes just for fun and as a part of playing. They do not understand that if by any chance one of their teeth gets stuck on your skin, it is dangerous.

Thus, do not ever promote such behaviors; try your best to eliminate them as soon as possible. Because along with the time, he will see no difference between your pants and legs and has the possibility of biting your legs as well.

Things to be aware of.

Be very careful and attentive during the training sessions as the dog might get more aggressive.

Select nutritious treats for the training of ‘find it and ‘leave it.

Be patient and kind.

Do not scold them or punish them for tearing your clothes.


Biting through clothes is a common matter among the doggy fellows. There’s no need for a rush and worries because it can be managed properly with good training.

Suppose you have a deep idea about why your doggy bites through the clothes and what you can do to make them get rid of it. Be patient, attend to the issue, keep your little rascal doggy happy, and let him grow with good behaviors.

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