My Dog Growl/Bark At My Husband. [9 reasons + 11 solutions]

My Dog Growl and Bark At My Husband

Have you ever thought about why does your dog bark or exhibit some aggressiveness at the husband? We gonna look into 9 different reasons why they would do so and 11 tips to prevent this from happening.

Here is why does your dog bark/Growl at your husband.

The dog may growl or bark at your husband due to attention-seeking, resource guarding, jealousy, lack of bonding with the husband, the dog thinks he is Alpha, inappropriate body language of the husband, the dog is afraid of husband, it sees the husband as a playmate, and his interrupting behavior.

Dogs tend to behave this way for both common and unusual reasons. Observing the exact cause will help to apply appropriate solutions when needed.

Common reasons why my dog bark/growl at my husband.

Here, I will give you all the possible reasons for this matter.

I urge you to read it to the end. Then you can have a great deal of knowledge about these causes and possible solutions with a few relevant points that you should be vigilant of.

1. Attention-seeking behavior

If your dog barks at your husband quite often without lunging or snapping. It seems like the dog seeks attention from him.

If this is sparse, this is not something to worry about.

However, note that if dog bark at a person who is watching TV or doing something interesting in order to get attention and that person gives his whole focus to the dog without any second thought, something terrible is about to happen.

Because this can be developed up to a behavioral issue.

Don’t regret it. We are about to discuss the solutions under solutions.

Things are a little different if your husband doesn’t provide a sufficient amount of attention to the dog.

The dog might find the husband interesting, so he may tend to bark at him while wagging his tail and friendly, innocent face.

It’s an expedient idea to encourage your husband to spend more time with the dog.

2. The behavior of resource guarding.

Jog your memory to ensure whether the dog growls at the husband only when he approaches you.

If the answer comes to your head is “YES” one of the dubious causes could be resource guarding.

This factor becomes most perspicuous if you are the person who provides most of its care, spends the most time with the dog by providing the most attention.

So, you become a valuable resource for guarding, and that’s why the dog attempts to guard you against the husband.

If we look at the problem from the 10000-foot view, almost every dog has a natural instinct to resource guarding behavior. The most evident resources are food, treats, water bowl, toys, sleeping spot, bed, and especially persons.

It is always best to keep your active intervention to eliminate this bad behavior. If not, it develops into a behavioral problem that is arduous to handle.

Important: If you do not handle the situation as soon as possible, the husband might want to rehome the dog.

3. It growls at husband due to emotional jealousy.

It’s true that there is a mutual bond between you and the dog, and it sees you as its parent, resulting in a series of distractions when you get along with the husband.

In fact, there are some circumstances the dog interprets you as its girlfriend or basically “the mate”.

If you are unsure about this, please read this article to know more about it:- Does my dog think I’m his girlfriend?

When the husband is cuddling with you or kissing you, the dog will endeavor to distract by barking or growling at the husband.

That means it’s crystal clear that the dog has apparent envy about the situation.

4. Lack of bonding with the husband.

One of the biggest mistakes made by the husband could be a lack of bonding with the dog, resulting in resource guarding, envy circumstances, and exhibiting aggressive behavior at the husband by barking or growling.

Does he not interested in feeding, bathing, playing, going on walks with the dog?

So, this lack of involvement in your husband to the care for the dog is the major impediment to building a healthy bonding between the dog and thriving,r resulting in many other behavioral issues.

5. The dog thinks he is alpha.

This is another difficult circumstance to handle, and that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

If you and the husband live together with a dog, the pack leader or the alpha should be the husband, not your dog.

The dog might growl at the husband whenever it sees the husband as a threat to its position (The Alpha position).

However, You need to make the dog understand its position in the pack. If you don’t have any other pet, the bottom position in the family should belong to the dog.

6. Dog may bark at the husband due to the body language.

The husband’s behavior or body language may not suit your dog. Ask your husband if he does the following.

  • Yelling.
  • Making intense eye contact.
  • Rough handling the dog, i.e., When taking him out for potty work.
  • Greeting into the dog’s face and play with its head.
  • Not letting the dog explore the world when giving a walk. I.e., not allowing sniff and hover around for a bit.
  • Giving harsh punishments.
  • Petting its hand.
  • Making the leash tight.
  • Teasing the dog by pulling its tail, barking at him, etc
  • Greeting the dog a way of startling him.

7. The dog is afraid of your husband.

The dog may bark or growl at the husband as a way of expressing his fear.

It’s possible if the dog is adopted recently. It might have had strident experiences with a man in its previous life prior to bring him into a shelter, making the dog timorous of men compared to women.

8. It sees your husband as a playmate.

If the dog barks at the husband in joy combined with super enthusiasm, it seems like the dog sees the husband as a playmate.

Maybe the dog has memories of your husband playing with him before.

If the dog barks at him while lunging with a wagging tail, it’s more like an invitation to play with him.

9. Interpreting kissing, and hugging, as a threat.

Although humans would love to cuddle their furry friends, it’s uncommon behavior in the canine world.

So, when the husband has habits like petting, kissing, hugging the dog, this behavior can be thought of as a threat, causing him to exhibit some aggressiveness at the husband.

So, when the husband has habits like petting, kissing, hugging the dog, this behavior can be thought of as a threat.

Important: Keep in mind that the reasons mentioned above can cause the problem singly or in combination.

How to prevent your dog from barking or growling at your husband?

You need to figure out the exact reasons for this somewhat abnormal circumstance in the first place. Only then can you solve the problem by taking the obligatory action.

So, here is the short answer.

The dog can keep from barking, growling at the husband by eliminating attention-seeking and resource guarding issues, helping not to be jealous, improve the bond between the dog and husband, establish the husband as alpha, going proper training, exercises, distracting, & getting professional help.

So, here we gonna look into 11 different approaches you can take to avoid the problem.

1. Eliminate attention seeking behavior.

Tell the husband to look away whenever the dog barks at him. Instruct him to continue to ignore the dog for at least 4-5 seconds just after barking or end of the whining.

The situation could get a bit worse in the first few rounds. But don’t let him give up. The dog does that because he barks to get your husband’s attention, but he will tend to try harder when he continues to ignore him as it doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

Lovely puppies.

Educate the husband not to look at the dog until the dog is completely come and quiet. Remember, this is the key to success.

When the dog is calm and quiet, tell the husband to cuddle him by rubbing his head and give yummy dog treats. Things will be get accelerated if he can add verbal praising.

Educate everyone in the household to continue this process whenever the dog barks for attention.

2. Get rid of resource guarding.

It seems that you are the only one who cares about the dog. You gotta involve the husband in dog care.

Tell the husband to practice obedience training with the dog with the help of positive reinforcement. The husband shouldn’t Yell at that dog whenever it interrupts things by barking or growling.

If you wonder what the dog thinks about you and the husband, the dog basic believes you are his resource and doesn’t like to share with anyone else.

If you haven’t seen this behavior before and it seems quite new, it’s straightforward to nip this behavior in the bud.

If the dog has a habituate of doing this, you will find it a little difficult to solve.

Encourage the husband to feed, groom, play, bathe the dog by sharing your responsibilities with him.

3. Help the dog not to get jealous.

Being jealous is something unwanted, and that needs to be ignored.

If your dog barks at the husband whenever both of you get a little bit closer, completely ignore the dog and its barking. DO NOT give your attention to the dog.

Because some breeds are naturally jealous of certain things which need to be corrected right away.

I want you to follow the exact instructions that we have discussed under solution number 1.

Tip: Use the lie-down command as that position makes it difficult for them to bark. However, it is not a long-term solution. In fact, giving him a chew toy or a bone could keep them busy.

4. Improve the bond with husband.

You gotta work on improving the bond between the dog and the husband. In fact, the dog must-see at your spouse as a provider instead of just a pier.

Encourage the husband to do the following in order to pursue that.

  • Exercise together with the dog.
  • Make them play in the backyard.
  • Instruct the husband to give a brush, groom, and bathe the dog.
  • Hand feeding also a nice way to thrive the bond.
  • Tell him to cuddle the dog whenever possible.

5. Establish the husband as alpha if the dog bark at him.

As we discussed earlier, The dog may think of him as an alpha of the family.

But the authenticity is that the husband must be the alpha, and the canine must be the last member of the family in terms of priority.

It’s not practical to write down how to establish him as alpha. Instead, I highly recommend watching the following video.

6. Give proper training.

Providing proper training from an early age is one of the keys to prevent from emerging these kinds of behaviors. Think if the basic obedience training is sufficient. But sounds like it doesn’t.

So, you gotta brainstorm and understand in which areas the dog has problems the most.

After recognizing where the issue is, let the husband train the dog on that specific part and use this training as a golden opportunity to thrive the bond between the dog and the husband.

7. Provide adequate exercise.

Lack of exercise can make a dog anxious, tense, nervous, destructive, and aggressive. These exercises should be a form of both physical and mental exercises.

8. Distract the dog when he is aggressive at the husband.

When the dog begins barking at the husband, try distracting him with the help of its favorite toys, treats.

In fact, try commanding him to quiet or lay down. When it does that, praise him with yummy treats. Remember, let the husband do the praising part.

9. Replace the former behavior of your husband with the dog

As we discussed earlier, certain behavioral patterns can make a dog aggressive toward a specific person. Especially if that person does things that can startle the dog instantaneously.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is don’t let the husband approach the dog from behind, especially it might get overly confused if the dog is a bit old.

Understand what the likes and dislikes of your loving pooch are. By doing so, It’ll be much easier to interact with the dog.

10. Change the way the husband reacts when the dog barks.

It’s crucial not to let the husband approach the dog whenever it starts to exhibit aggressiveness.

Then, your spouse needs to stop whatever thing he was doing that could cause the dog to get angry (Besides attention barking or jealousy) and stay away from that for a while until the stop.

11. Get professional help.

If you cannot find solutions by yourself, don’t hesitate to get the help of a professional dog trainer or a veterinarian to solve this.

Trust me, it’s worth that because these people are specialized in resolving such kinds of issues for many, many years.


Why does my dog bark at my husband when he leaves?

This indicates the dog and husband have a proper thrived bond. So, the dog may get upset when it sees your husband leaves.

If we pay attention to how the dog knows your husband is leaving the house, the dog knows that he is about to leave whenever he put on the jacket, picks the keys of the car, or simply the dog literally knows about that when husband is dressing up and getting ready.

We cannot play with a dog’s sense because that is that much accurate. However, If we focus on what we can do about this, the dog is aware that leaving the house is not that big of a deal.

So, here is what you can do about that.

  1. Our first goal is to gradually and gently acclimate the dog to your spouse’s leaving.
  2. Tell your husband to dress up and prepare to leave the house several times a day. He may leave seldom, and occasionally I need to stay at home after dressing up.
  3. Obviously, the dog will figure out when the husband actually leaves the house. So tell him to come back within about 5 minutes.
  4. Tell him to spend about 5 to 10 minutes and come back. If he is uncomfortable with this, 15 minutes will also give some results.
  5. Instruct the husband not to pay attention to the dog for about 10 to 15 minutes after returning to the house.
  6. That means the dog should be completely calm and quiet prior to greeting the husband.

Moreover, you can provide a chew toy to make him distracted from your husband’s leaving and the dog barking without stopping.

Why does my dog bark at my husband when he comes home?

The dog may bark at your husband when he comes home due to learned behavior, out of enthusiasm and excitement.

If the husband used to give a god treats whenever he returned home, that’s a learned behavior, and the dog is expecting that. So, the dog is barking at the husband to get treats and cuddles.

Why does my dog bark at my husband when he kisses me?

Your dog may bark at your husband when he kisses you due to jealousy and resource guarding. The dog should be ignored entirely when it barks and continues to cuddle with the husband until it becomes calm and quiet. Then stay for another 30 seconds and praise him. Gradually increase the time.

Things to be aware of.

Now you know precisely why does your dog growl or bark at your husband and the possible solutions. However, there are some other factors that you need to bear in mind in order to get rid of this issue.

  • Never ever punish your dog as a reaction to this aggressiveness and barking.
  • Do not use muzzles or shop collars.
  • Always try to provide good training.
  • Meet his all the needs and wants without any shortcomings.
  • Don’t skip regular vet checkups to ensure the dog is completely healthy.
  • Water destruction is not a solution to avoid this unwanted barking.


Dogs may bark or growl at your husband due to several reasons, and they aren’t big deals that are hard to handle. First, you require to understand the exact cause rather than groping in the dark. Then it will be more facile to apply solutions. I hope this comprehensive guide helped you to solve the issue. Have a nice day.

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